Wednesday, September 7, 2011


We had such a fun busy summer this year. I can't believe how fast it went. Now it's Labor Day and summer is over.... {sigh} We did lots of swimming, lots of traveling, lots of hanging with the neighbors! We also had lots of visitors when Sadie was born which was so fun! My mom was here for almost two weeks! Lindsey, Lauren and Carter came down. My dad also came for a couple days. Ben's mom has been living down here so it was nice to have you around to help, along with Brown Grandpa! Anyway, when Lauren and Carter were here they took the kids "night riding" one night on their bikes and skateboards! They had so much fun! We actually got them out of bed and let them go in their pj's! Good times!
Now it's back to school, football season and hopefully cooler nights! Here's to fall....

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chanel said...

great updates. Sadie is darling and I love her name!!
Ummm, who looks as good as you after having a baby?? HELLO?!?! Full makeup?? You're incredible.

Benson is hilarious! Lauren had the biggest adjustment when Brynnly was born, it must be their age.

Hope you're doing good and getting good rest.
love ya!!!