Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Oh, how I love you boots.
Maybe one day we will meet but until then, know that I am thinking of you!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Maren, Mel and I went to lunch at Maggiono's and then did some
window shopping at Fashion Show Mall.
Melanie is a manager at Nordstrom's
so we went and checked out the New Moon Line
that B.P. is going to be selling!
I was in {L.O.V.E.} with the life-size Jacob cut out! So hot!!! ;)
Ben decided to join in on the L.V. fun so we picked him up
and went to Town Square where we hit up H&M!
Later that night we went to the UNLV/Utah game!
That was so fun! Ben was in heaven
especially since we got to tail-gate before hand!
We got to meet up with Spencer and Heidi too!
("Speidi"- everyone loved that!!)
Afterwards, we had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory
and then headed over to the Drop Bar at GVR.
Good times!

Vegas Baybeee

So this past weekend I got to go to Vegas!
It was so fun!
You know those friends, that even though you literally haven't
seen each other for years but when you do see them,
its like you're [RIGHT] back to where you left off?
(Does that make any sense?)
Well, that's these girls!
I have been friends with Maren since about the 4th grade.
(Mel and I since the 8th grade.)
They have {A LOT} of dirt on me! ;-)
We grew up in Las Vegas together and have managed to stay
pretty close throughout all this time.

Anyway, this was Friday night. First, we went to dinner at
Dos Caminos where our good friend (and server) Rachel
got us some fabulous hook-ups
and treated us like celebs! So fun and seriously so DELICIOUS!!

Next, we headed over to TAO which is a club in
The Venetian and also got VIP treatment!
(In Vegas, it's ALL about who you know!)
Kim Kardashian was there celebrating her birthday so that was fun,
you know hanging with the famous and all!
We were outta there {pretty} quick though.
Way too many people and I was pretty sure I was going to
end up with the Swine Flu! Haha!

(Seriously though, if you want to really feel your age, just head on over to one of those places.)