Friday, September 9, 2011


Let's just say I had a hard time with this. A really hard time. Anyone can tell you I'm not the most emotional person there is. I bawled... like a baby. The day before I mentioned to Benson that when I got ready to go to school, my dad always gave me a blessing. I sorta just mentioned it in passing. As soon as Ben got home from meetings that morning Benson said, "Dad, will you give me a blessing so that I can go to school?" I was so proud of him. Anyway, that night during the blessing I couldn't hold back the tears. (I must still have some pregnancy hormones! ;-) ) Ben gave him such a sweet blessing. Of course Hiley wanted too. She is usually very squirmy and ADD but she sat there so quiet with her arms folded like she was taking in everything her dad was saying. It was awesome. Benson kept telling me not to be sad that he wasn't scared and that I would be with Hiley and Sadie. So funny! I told him they were happy tears but he didn't seem to buy it! Anyway, I did really good the next day... up until the bus pulled away! I decided that I didn't like this job of being a mom anymore and I hated the idea of having to let my boy go into this BIG BAD world of ours. I just hope and pray every day that we have done the best we could with teaching him everything that the schools do not. I really do like this job by the way, just not the hard stuff... like letting them grow up!!

Some of Benson's favorites right now:

Color: red
Food: pizza
Treat: cookies
Movie: Star Wars
Best Friend: Tryston
Thing to do: play with friends and play the Wii

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


We had such a fun busy summer this year. I can't believe how fast it went. Now it's Labor Day and summer is over.... {sigh} We did lots of swimming, lots of traveling, lots of hanging with the neighbors! We also had lots of visitors when Sadie was born which was so fun! My mom was here for almost two weeks! Lindsey, Lauren and Carter came down. My dad also came for a couple days. Ben's mom has been living down here so it was nice to have you around to help, along with Brown Grandpa! Anyway, when Lauren and Carter were here they took the kids "night riding" one night on their bikes and skateboards! They had so much fun! We actually got them out of bed and let them go in their pj's! Good times!
Now it's back to school, football season and hopefully cooler nights! Here's to fall....

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