Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Smiley Face

(Sorry about that awful glare!)
The other morning Benson spilled some of his cheerios on the table and got a little creative.
He called me over and said
"Look mom, its happy! It's a smiley face!"
So minor but it made my whole day! :)

Just a few pictures of the kids outside while we were in Montana. It was so cold, your snot would freeze. Seriously! It was so sad because they would fall into the snow to make snow angels and the snow was so hard and frozen, it was like landing on the side walk! They only lasted about 10 minutes but had fun anyway! :)
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Such a slacker...

Don't mind that it is now February, almost Valentine's Day actually and I am just now getting around to posting Christmas. I wouldn't even bother if I wasn't planning on turning this into a book.... someday! Regardless, I should jot down some of my thoughts from that holiday anyway. We had a great time. We always do when we go to Montana. Something about that place on the hill makes me smile and sorta warms my heart, even though it was in the negatives most of the time we were there! :) My grandma, who has recently had part of her leg amputated due to diabetes, managed to have so many cookies and treats that it made Candy Land look amateur. (All of which she made and baked by herself!) She's amazing and I love her.

The kids had a blast this year. They both finally understood what was going on and totally enjoyed all the attention and presents. Benson's highlight was the sa-weet Transformer bumblebee scooter that Santa (ie Black Grandma) got for him. He also became the reigning Whack-a-mole champion! Hiley loved her soft new pink blanket and baby carrier as well as the Tinker Bell hair stuff. Ben and I decided to get new cell phones for Christmas so I got my iPhone a little later and we are still looking for one that Ben just has to have!

It was so fun spending time with my Uncle John and Aunt Jeanette who were visiting from Alaska! We also hung out with Kamery and Hayden, Kenzi, Cory and Kim. Lindsey and Zach were able to join us for a few days too and that was fun hanging out with them!

All I can say is that I ate wayyyyy too much this year but had a blast none the less. I was sad to leave. I always am. I just always feel so grateful to have such an amazing family and I always, always worry that it might just be the last time I get to see them. My grandparents are getting up there. They are both in pretty good shape, it just worries me. I'm a freak I know and I just need to take in and love the time I have with them. I can't wait to get back to the house on the hill. Hopefully, in March! :)

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