Sunday, July 31, 2011


Sadie Lou Meier
July 26th, 2011
7 lbs. 13 oz.
19 inches
10:48 a.m.

Hiley is in love with her and has been such an awesome

He's going to be such a good big brother to his two sisters!

Proud Daddy

Not excited about her car seat... :-(

Well, I think it's about time I get this story written down. I cannot believe how fast time goes... Sadie is such a blessing in our lives! She is so sweet and has been a great baby!

Alright here it goes... I had my membranes stripped the Friday before in hopes it would help... I'm not really sure it did. Anyway, there was no movement all weekend. Lame. However, I had set an induction date for Wednesday, July 27th so at least there was some light at the end of the tunnel. My mom came into town on that Sunday just so she could be here and not have to worry about driving down.

On Monday, Ben and I went to the temple. It was so nice. We sorta went in hopes of getting some inspiration as to what to name this baby too! (We had struggled with her name the entire pregnancy!) Anyway, that afternoon we went to wal-mart to get some last minute shopping done. We were there for about an hour. Walking. I'm pretty sure that's what did it... Later that night, Ben and a neighbor gave me a blessing. Again, I was so grateful. The contractions started shortly after that. I wasn't too worried about them so we went to bed. They finally woke me up around 3:30. I timed them for a few minutes and decided I'd better take a shower and pack my hospital bag since I hadn't done that yet! :-/ I took my time and decided to wake Ben up around 4:30. We finished getting our stuff together and then headed to the hospital around 5:30 am.

I was worried I wasn't going to be dilated and they were going to send me home. However, when they checked me I was a 6 and 90% effaced. Ya! I was going to have this baby! They admitted me and moved me into my room. I had my epidural by about 8, the doctor came in and broke my water and things were looking good until my contractions completely stopped! What??! Soooo amongst all the chaos that was that morning with them delivering 6 OTHER babies in 2 hours, they gave me a big dose of pitocin and left. 30 minutes later it was on. I told Ben he needed to go find someone because this baby was coming. The nurse came in, checked me, told me NOT to push and then laid me flat. The Dr. was on his way... I'm not sure how long it really took but it felt like an hour! It was awful. I was bawling. I've never cried before. Finally, the Dr. came in threw on his gear and she was out in 3 pushes. Ohmigosh, I have never felt relief like that. I don't ever want to feel what I felt again. I'm still not sure if the epidural wore off or what but it was not fun!

Anyway, she was perfect. Perfect head, perfect skin. I loved her instantly. You can try and tell someone a million times about what it's like to have a baby but until they experience it themselves, they will never know. I mean this in every sense... whether you adopt or use a surrogate or have a c-section. When they place that baby, your baby in your arms, there is nothing else like it. Nothing. How truly blessed I am!

Later that day my mom brought the kids over! They were so sweet with her! Hiley kept telling everyone she saw that her "baby came out"! Benson was TOTALLY freaked out by breast feeding. Too funny. He says to me as serious as possible, "Mom, what are you doing? Don't do that!" He's still getting used to the idea. Hiley keeps asking me if there is more milk in my boobs. Kids are so funny! I was really worried about Hiley and how she would react but it's Benson who has surprised me! He asks 1,000 questions every day and always wants to hold her. Hiley doesn't really want to hold her but is the best helper ever!!! She has been great with that!! Anyway, we are so glad she is here and can't believe how much she has grown and changed already! We love you Sadie! xoxo

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hiley's Story

**Hiley Jo**
April 29th, 2007

Here's your story:

Your dad had gone to San Antonio, Texas for a few days to help your Uncle Adam move into his new house. He was going to fly into Salt Lake on Saturday, April 28th. I decided to drove up there and spend a few days while he was gone and then be there to pick him up. My doctor knew nothing of this little impromptu trip of mine. Anyway, after driving they fell a little behind schedule so he thought that he maybe wanted to try and stay in Texas for a day longer so that he could see the city and their new home. We talked about it and I just mentioned that he should just come home unless he was 100% sure that he could get on an actual flight and not a stand by. He wasn't sure so home he came. They literally drove him right to the airport. Poor guy. Well... on my way to the airport to pick him up on that Saturday afternoon, I started having contractions. I wasn't really sure if that's what they actually were so I watched/felt them for a while. They were about 20 minutes apart and the same intensity. I told Ben about them and he wanted to drive all the way to Cedar City! I was like there is no way I am risking that! So anyway, we just continued to watch and time the contractions. Around 8, we decided to go to dinner with my parents and Lauren. We went to Texas Roadhouse. It was good to get out... While we were there, the contractions started to get closer together. When we got home, we went for a walk to see if that would help. I also took a hot bath to see if that did anything. Well, we decided to try and get some sleep so we went to bed. I couldn't sleep. They were more intense and closer together. Finally around 1:30 I woke Ben up. Him and my dad gave me a blessing and we headed over to the hospital. They watched me for a few hours and gave me some morphine to see if that would help with the pain. It did a little but it also made me dilate. At 5 am they admitted me. They gave me my epidural, I got a tiny bit of sleep and then you were ready. I only pushed for about 15 minutes and out you came.... just as the doctor was walking in at 7:17 am. You were beautiful. So healthy and perfect!!

I still can't believe you were born in Salt Lake! So on your own schedule... which honestly hasn't changed since! It seems we are always waiting for Hiley! ;-)