Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our little peanut...

So my sweet mother-in-law just got done with her radiology program and was able to take these awesome ultra sound pictures for me! She took a ton of them but these were my favorite and by far the best ones! Thanks Leslie for doing this! They are so fun to have!!

So we (as in I) have a couple names in mind for this little girlie girl! I'm really into boys names for girls right now. Well, I always have been but more so now then ever. Also, I've had a hard time with matching our last name with a good first name and something that flows with these other two goofies! ;-)
Anyway, here are a few I love... Let me know what you think!!! I love getting comments and suggestions! (and reactions. haha. :-0)

1. Taytum
2. Lyla
3. Jaymes
4. Cooper
5. Zyon
Ok, that's all I can think of right now but I know there are more.... I'll try to remember!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Out Numbered...

So I guess it's about time I announced that baby #3 is on its way... you know, since I'm 15 weeks and all. I kept convincing myself that something was wrong so that's why I have waited so long... but nope! We are expecting a perfectly healthy baby GIRL! Ohmigosh. Another Hiley? Someone get me a xanax! :-) Benson was so funny when the tech said girl. He let out a groan and then said "But mom, that's not fair!" Too funny! Hiley was so happy! She's called girl all along! So did I actually. There wasn't any reason as to why either. Huh? I am however, so in L.O.V.E with the idea of her having a sister!

You know what's so cool though, with the first two I didn't have a blog so this will be fun... well for me anyway! Soooo on that note, this has been the "hardest" pregnancy and it wasn't even that hard in comparison to some of the stories I have heard. I was sick for about 3 solid weeks and I have been exhausted. The headaches have just started to come more frequently now which is by far the thing I dread the most. Tylenol? Really? I might as well eat a tic-tac! Lameness. I am older this time around too and have 2 more to chase. (How do people do it with more?!) I have recently cut back at work though which I think will help tremendously... so I'm now working 3 days instead of 4 to 5! As of right now, I am due July 25th! Holy HOT!!! It is good because Ben will be out of school but bad because I live in St. freakin' George and it gets bloody hot!