Thursday, March 27, 2008

60 Random Things: (thanks Brooke!)
This was way hard. Everyone should try it...

1. I hate when people wear black and brown together.
2. I love Starbucks!
3. I believe lip gloss is a totally necessity
4. I was born in Montana.
5. I have a serious weakness for purses and diaper bags!
6. I'm kinda addicted to itunes.
7. Cowboys are totally sexy.
8. I love to fold laundry, just don't ask me to put it away.
9. I'm not allergic to ANYTHING.
10. I cannot go to bed knowing my kitchen is a mess!
11. I was on a competitive soccer team.
12. I love to dance... anywhere.
13. My first kiss was while playing truth of dare in 6th grade.
14. I wear flip flops pretty much year round.
15. I drove a mini-van with wood paneling all thru high school!
16. I met my husband while he was a substitute at my high school.
17. I love to cook.
18. I love red stars.
19. I totally HATE when people are flaky.
20. I went to Boston with my favorite person, Tahlu. (my lil sis)
21. I once flipped off my his face! :)
22. I LOVE pedicures!
23. I could wander around Barnes and Noble for HOURS.
24. I believe that french fries are a food group.
25. I hate when the toilet paper is under the roll and not over.
26. I worked at a fast food joint called "Lucky Buns"!
27. I was married in the Las Vegas Temple.
28. I love names that mean something or come from "somewhere"!
29. My best friend is Ben.
30. I've never had stitches or broken a bone... (knock on wood)
31. I love CHICAGO!
32. I've never been out of the United States... I don't even have a passport.
33. I love to go tanning.
34. I love meeting new people.
35. I love old friends.
36. Speaking of friends, I miss the TV show FRIENDS tons!
37. I once saw Kobe Bryant at Caesars Palace but was too nervous to talk to him!
38. I make a delicious salsa!!
39. I love horseback riding.
40. I want a new kitchen table worse than anything right now!
41. I actually really enjoy watching a good football game.
42. I read the "Twilight" series in about 4 days!
43. I believe everyone should experience New Years in Vegas at least once!
44. I miss my old body! :)
45. I've been doing Weight Watchers for about 9 months now.
46. I really enjoy going to school.
47. I sometimes miss high school. (who says that?)
48. I love to workout.
49. I wish I had my very own room to scrapbook in!
50. I wish I had more time to scrapbook.
51. I love projects.
52. I like to do everything by MYSELF. I don't delegate well.
53. I'm not real competitive.
54. I love to laugh!
55. I can't wait to move out of Cedar.
56. One day I will visit New York!
57. My family is my WHOLE life.
58. My feet are oh so ticklish!
59. I love to shop!
60. I am a total perfectionist. Big time OCD!