Thursday, March 27, 2008

60 Random Things: (thanks Brooke!)
This was way hard. Everyone should try it...

1. I hate when people wear black and brown together.
2. I love Starbucks!
3. I believe lip gloss is a totally necessity
4. I was born in Montana.
5. I have a serious weakness for purses and diaper bags!
6. I'm kinda addicted to itunes.
7. Cowboys are totally sexy.
8. I love to fold laundry, just don't ask me to put it away.
9. I'm not allergic to ANYTHING.
10. I cannot go to bed knowing my kitchen is a mess!
11. I was on a competitive soccer team.
12. I love to dance... anywhere.
13. My first kiss was while playing truth of dare in 6th grade.
14. I wear flip flops pretty much year round.
15. I drove a mini-van with wood paneling all thru high school!
16. I met my husband while he was a substitute at my high school.
17. I love to cook.
18. I love red stars.
19. I totally HATE when people are flaky.
20. I went to Boston with my favorite person, Tahlu. (my lil sis)
21. I once flipped off my his face! :)
22. I LOVE pedicures!
23. I could wander around Barnes and Noble for HOURS.
24. I believe that french fries are a food group.
25. I hate when the toilet paper is under the roll and not over.
26. I worked at a fast food joint called "Lucky Buns"!
27. I was married in the Las Vegas Temple.
28. I love names that mean something or come from "somewhere"!
29. My best friend is Ben.
30. I've never had stitches or broken a bone... (knock on wood)
31. I love CHICAGO!
32. I've never been out of the United States... I don't even have a passport.
33. I love to go tanning.
34. I love meeting new people.
35. I love old friends.
36. Speaking of friends, I miss the TV show FRIENDS tons!
37. I once saw Kobe Bryant at Caesars Palace but was too nervous to talk to him!
38. I make a delicious salsa!!
39. I love horseback riding.
40. I want a new kitchen table worse than anything right now!
41. I actually really enjoy watching a good football game.
42. I read the "Twilight" series in about 4 days!
43. I believe everyone should experience New Years in Vegas at least once!
44. I miss my old body! :)
45. I've been doing Weight Watchers for about 9 months now.
46. I really enjoy going to school.
47. I sometimes miss high school. (who says that?)
48. I love to workout.
49. I wish I had my very own room to scrapbook in!
50. I wish I had more time to scrapbook.
51. I love projects.
52. I like to do everything by MYSELF. I don't delegate well.
53. I'm not real competitive.
54. I love to laugh!
55. I can't wait to move out of Cedar.
56. One day I will visit New York!
57. My family is my WHOLE life.
58. My feet are oh so ticklish!
59. I love to shop!
60. I am a total perfectionist. Big time OCD!


tanalicious said...

you are so cute jo.. i dont know if i could think of 60 things!

Grant and Catherine Smith said...

Hi! How fun to read all the fun things about you. I'm totally with you on the new kitchen table thing. I think I tell Grant about it at least once a day. I have found some chairs that I actually daydream about and picture in my kitchen - I know . . . WEIRDO! How's school going?

The Parrish Family said...

What a cute girl! I loved reading that! You are such a great person and so grown up!

The Ulrich Family said...

GREAT JOB! It was hard huh! I love yours. These posts are so fun to read! Thanks for being my WW friend, by the way :).

Kim C. said...

Jo, Buck tried to make me call you to tell you that he too loves to spend time in Barnes and Noble. Me, not so much anymore since he sticks me with Grace and I don't get to wander!

chanel said...

you got off easy with 60- I had to do a 100! These were great to read- especially 21!!!! I dropped a few special words in front of my FIL, I just didn't know he was in the car-oopsie!
AMEN to 24!
52- girl its just easier that way! ;)

I LOVE YOU and the AMAZING woman you are!!!!

and I love when you have a new post- now get me some pictures!!!