Monday, November 5, 2007


Ah, how we just love Halloween. First, it really is the best time of year and with this beautiful weather we've been having it was a great night to be out trick or treating! We carved pumpkins this year and really did have a good time. Benson was the cutest freaking cowboy ever and Hiley was our little lovebug! (gotta love Old Navy costumes!) We had a good time. Went to about 4 houses and called it good! Benson just wanted to eat whatever they put in his bucket and didn't bother with much anything else! :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

How sweet is she? She is starting to roll EVERYWHERE and on this particular day she got caught up in her blanket! I hurried and grabbed my camera and took this shot. Priceless! She is seriously so cute!!
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Benson turns 2

Well, as you can see we just celebrated Benson's 2nd birthday on September 19th! Bring it on!!! No, he's been very good so far. We have transitioned to the "big boy" bed and that went way smoother then I ever anticipated! :) Now on to potty training- ha ya right. Soon though! Hiley will be six months soon and she is far too mobile. She rolls everywhere! She also transitioned to the "big" crib and is doing very well. Now I can get some sleep! (If Ben would just quit snoring!)

Monday, October 1, 2007


Well, we are finally "with it"! I have figured out how to blog! I really like these things but have never done my own until now so hopefully you enjoy it! It is now October 1st and so as most of you know, we are into the football season 100%! Sad as it might be, our teams aren't doing so hot. SUU, Chicago Bears, Murray High School... man oh man. They are all struggling but the season is not over yet so hopefully they can get things turned around! HA!!! Well, hope all is well! Hit us up with a note or two!