Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where have you Ben?

This post is dedicated to Ben!
He called me the other day and out of the blue was like "Why am "I" never on your blog? Its always about you and the kids and Twilight and Vegas. Its like I should get my own Facebook account!" I just laughed! I didn't really think he cared much. Anyway, I just wanted to give my "honey bunny" a quick shout out!

Ben is truly my guardian angel. I met him when I was a junior in high school. At that time, I wasn't running with the best crowd or making the best decisions. He is the reason I'm where I am today. He has the best heart. I've never met someone like him. He NEVER says anything bad about anyone and doesn't have an enemy in the world. (Its sorta annoying actually :) ) He also always tries to see the best in people and in situations. He's a leader and an example.

He's an amazing husband and an even better dad.
He is the most chill person ever and he never yells or gets too mad. Ben does laundry and vacuums!

Ben is obsessed with ESPN and will watch the same reports over and over again. He also loves to watch the food channel. When he is into something, he is so passionate about it.

Football for example. I wish I could be so passionate about something, anything, the way he is about that sport. He has taught me to love football too!!

He is the most patient person I've ever met! My mom calls him on a regular basis... always asking him advice or questions about this or that. He is always so sweet to her!
(even though I KNOW it drives him crazy! )

Well, I think I have gone on long enough. I was actually kinda worried I wouldn't have much to say! ;) J/K!
Babe, I love you so much! You are the best part of my day!
Thank you for being you and for helping me be a better person. Thank you for being such an amzing dad and for being so supportive of this family!

Monday, January 5, 2009

I once heard...

So 2009 is here and I haven't even posted any pictures of Christmas or anything. In my defense we got a virus and so our laptop wasn't working but now I can't get any pictures to upload... oh well. December is long gone now so time to move on I suppose.

I once heard that "A goal is just a wish until you write it down" so with that said I want to jot down a few New Year's Resolutions I have. Some are personal but I feel that if I put them "on paper" so to speak I'll be more likely to try and achieve them!

1. Get back on track= WEIGHT WATCHERS!!
2. Pay your tithing "regularly".
3. Get kids on a good routine/schedule ie. No more late nights!!!
4. Try and hold FHE on Sunday's instead of Monday (since I'm usually working that night.)
5. Start a really good food storage! (The once a week plan)
6. Apply for Mohave's nursing program (and get in!!)
7. Be a better wife and mom!
8. Have Hiley out of diapers by February 28th!
9. Try and plan out weekly meals in advance.
10. Just be a better person/friend/neighbor/employee in general (there is always room for improvement!!)

I need lots of help with these so any words of encouragement are greatly appreciated. I hope you all had a safe and Happy New Year's!! 2009 here we come!!