Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Island Park

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Does anyone blog anymore?

I cannot believe how long it has been since my last post! I like to try and keep this up mainly for journaling purposes but man, I have struggled. Guess I'll try to catch up. Try not to be too overwhelmed. In fact, for those that even still read this bad boy, go ahead and skim the pictures and move on!

Ben is super busy with school. After his transition from one new school to another new school, I think he is starting to like it. He enjoys all the breaks that come with teaching and is looking forward to start football again in June. In January, Ben and I decided to try and lose some weight. Like the rest of the world, we wanted a quick fix! Well, we got it and both lost. However, after some research decided that was not our smartest decision. Anyway, since then we have both tried really hard to do it the right way! (I'll share my story in a little bit!) We have had lots of fun doing this together. Just trying to eat right and do more active things have really been so good for both of us and our kids! It has also been so much easier with a friend by my side! We've had lots of fun so far this year with a couple trips to Salt Lake and Vegas where we had a fun little get-away with dinner, shopping and some much needed sleep! ;-) He also keeps busy with church basketball and helping coach Benson's soccer team! I sure do love this man!


This boy cracks me up! I have so many funny conversations to write down from things that he has said. He is so smart and so observant. The surprising thing though is his interest in the gospel. He will ask me and Ben question after question about Jesus and the church and why we do certain things etc. I usually have to direct him to Ben but I do my best! Ha! He finally lost his first tooth. He was so excited. All his friends had already lost a lot of teeth so he was excited to finally join in the fun! He pulled it out himself after it had been loose for a couple days! He has only lost the one though since then so hopefully they keep falling out on their own and he won't have to have them pulled! I recently took them to the rock wall at our local community center and he loved it! I couldn't believe how much he liked it! He climbed right to the top and rang the bell on his first try! He asks to go back daily! He has been busy with soccer and kindergarten. He has loved soccer and says he likes it better than baseball.With our recent lifestyle change he has been so funny about calories. He reads and checks the calories on everything and asks if it's ok if he eats it. :-) He is such a good kid and hates to get into trouble. He is an even better brother! He is obsessed with Ninjago and anything Lego! He also is quite the gamer! I just love this kid!!!

B: Mom, how many calories do I have?
Me: I'm not sure, a few I guess. How do you know about calories?
B: I don't know, you just talk about them all the time!

Benson during a prayer... "Please bless the prophet. Bless him that he won't do cigarettes or drink bad stuff!"

We're practicing for a spelling test...
M: Spell "we"
B: W-i-i

B:Mom, how come practice was deleted?
M: You mean cancelled?
B: Ya, cancelled.
(Think this kid is a gamer or what??)


Oh my. This girl keeps me on my toes! She is so sassy however I wouldn't have it any other way! She is such a big helper when it comes to Sadie and is always making sure Benson does his chores! She loves to swim and has recently learned how to ride her bike without training wheels, which she loves to do! Like Benson, she has taken quite the interest in the rock wall. She totally went right to the top and loved it! (I did it with her the first time and was terrified! Ha!) This girl stays busy with going to pre-school on Monday and Wednesday and dance on Thursday. She is so smart and cannot wait to start kindergarten in the fall. She also loves playing babies, make-up and helping me whenever I let her. Her BFF is Dayvenee and wants to play with her every minute! She is so spoiled by her aunts and can talk them into just about anything! ;-)
I sure do like this little girl!!


This girl is so dang sassy. Seriously. She has such a strong personality and makes me laugh all the time. She loves her bink and is such a daddies girl! She also loves to eat. :-) I'm not kidding when I say she is going to be a little trouble maker! This little thing has already colored on the walls, twice and likes to put things in the toilet! Just when you think you have this parenting thing down with the third... Nope! I swear... I mean I literally swear. j/k! I am going to have to thrown blame at the white grandma up there in Heaven for this little girls sass!! I so just love her though and those cheeks. Oh. Man. I could suck them off! ;-) She gives the best kisses too. Love her!!