Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I officially feel old. How do I have a 5 year old? It's crazy!
No more toddler. Just this sweet, sweet "boy".
He's a little kid. I don't know how I feel about it. :-/

Let me tell you a few things about this "kid"...

- Oh man, do I love him!
- He HATES to be in trouble and really is such a good boy!
- He loves his sister, Hiley!
- He would eat pizza all day, everyday if I let him!
- He's kind. For example: "Hi, mom. How was your sleep?"
- He LOVES to play with his friends. And again would play ALL day and night if allowed!
- His favorite treats are oreos and well, anything sweet really!
- He does not like dogs.
- He loves his grandmas (and grandpas!) but mostly grandmas! ;-)
- He is totally into super heros right now!

Well, like I said above, I just love him so much. He's just a cool, laid-back kid.
He's had his share of melt-downs but they are few and far between and I am so grateful for that.
I am even more grateful that he is mine.
I love you Benson Boy.
I hope you had a good birthday!
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chanel said...

such a little stud muffin! i love him! im thinkng i know a little girl that would be perfect for him. ;)
you're such a good mom (and a YOUNG one at that!!) wait til you have one about to be BAPTIZED!! ahhhhhhh!!!!!

Jamie Jo said...

Jo, how fun to hear from you! It was so fun to look at all your adventures. Holy SMOKES your kids are getting big, and they are DARLING as ever! Little Hiley is a total DOLL!!! I would LOVE to come visit in st. george. We are planning a trip there soon... I would love to meet up for lunch! i'll call ya. Is your cell still the same?