Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Sometimes, I feel as though I need a major event to take place in order to blog. Then on top of that, I find myself being envious of all these other cute blogs that just post about whatever... nothing too important to everyone else but just to them, personally. I need to do better with that. Ya know, with not being so concerned with what everyone else wants to hear about! I do wish though that I was a little "wittier", a bit more funny with my ramblings and what-not! Like my friend Chanel, for example. She is HilArIoUs!! (I'd link her but she's private!) I love to read what she has to say and hear about her cute, sweet family and LAUGH!! But seriously, I need to stop with the comparison game and just be better at posting because I mainly do this for my mother. ;-)
Here's what we've been up to:
(in no particular order! :) )


chanel said...

WHOA! Ive never been given a shout out before, couldn't have come on a better day! LOVE YOU!!! And i whole heartedly agree you shouldn't compare and just blog about the boring, cause I LOVE seeing your FUN life!!! If I were you I'd just post pictures of my gorgeous self EVERYDAY and just say, "Im still gorgeous, in case you were wondering" you could always throw in a pict of your ADORABLE kids too and title them, "they're still freaking adorable too!"- seriously you are the BEST looking people EVER! And you have so much fun and DO things! I have to be witty cause I never do anything, except pee my pants cause I get a front row parking space at walmart- wooo-hooo!!!!!

I was just talking about your fam (bradshaws) to my kids yesterday, talking about how we'll have 3 girls and boy like you guys, and how we're gonna make raspberry jam like your mama. I think my dream of being a Bradshaw has come true!!! ;)

Anyway I check in on ya all the time, so glad ot see these new posts!

chanel said...
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Nilsson Family said...

Whatever I love your blog but it does make me miss you even more. I seriously wish we could hang-out more. Your a fun person to be around! We will get together soon ok... I came to your neighborhood the other day but my kids were all sick or I would have stopped. PS I still have your cartiges, I feel horrible.