Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I L.O.V.E bunko!

I know that I have said this before but... it's TRUE!

Once a month I get to have a girls night out. Just the girls.
We eat, laugh, talk, catch up. Swear! ;)
If there is one thing I'm sure of, its that I could not exist without
really GREAT girlfriends!

(This picture is for you Adri... you can sorta get the idea of me with long hair! :))


The Papa's said...

Of course I get to stand next to the cute girl!!! This picture is HORRENDOUS of me, but darling of you!!! This is why I should NOT like you, but I just can't help it!!! What did I ever do without bunko. It ROCKS!!! (even if there is some bad language goin' on) ;0)

cottam_family said...

Thanks for the picture. I have been a long time waitin! I love it it looks really good. I want some soooo bad! Are they hard to take care of? I wish I could come down to your Bunko. It always looks so fun. I just joined back into ours so we'll see how it goes.

the dalley"s said...

ummmmm....I look like a mental patient...why are you even my friend....after I see myself in those pictures, I wonder why I even HAVE ANY friends! :)

BUNKO ROCKS. I love it all too. It makes life bearable. Thanks for being my friend. (of course there's never bad language coming from me those nights).

Brooke Ulrich said...

I'm a total idiot...it's ok. I know! I was signed into my thrifty blog...hence why the upper comment was from "the dalley's" instead of me. :)

Sharps said...

yessss. i love bunco too. sad i am not an official member anymore. dang church callings! keep me in mind for a sub every once in a while! and your hair is SOOO gorgeous. you are just a stylin hot mamma.

The House that James Built said...

looks like fun and you look hot with your long hair..girls night are very, very important for moms i must agree. xoxo

Nilsson Family said...

Ok I know girl!! I look forward to Bunko night for a whole month;) But come on lets be honest, you like it because you win everytime! Ha Ha! Miss you and hope to see you soon.

Heather and Trevor said...

The best ever! This is such a cute post! I love Bunko too so much and look forward to hanging with you girls every month! Too bad its not more! :) We are so lucky to have such great friends!