Tuesday, July 7, 2009

*Our 4th*

Our fourth was pretty hilarious this year.

We ALL slept in. Not one of us wanted to get up for the morning festivities.

My sister Lauren was in town with her b.f. Palmer so that was fun. They went swimming during the day while I worked at Chili's.

That night we went and got some last minute fireworks because I'm such a procrastinator! We then went and got Cafe Rio for dinner and took it over to the Dixie College to eat while we watched the fireworks.

Well, Hiley started crying before they even started. Seriously crying... She was finally ok to be in the car. Then in front of where we were sitting was this tree that we thought wouldn't get in the way... wrong! The fireworks were NOT very high and so we could hardly see them. Anyway, it was pretty funny. That night at midnight, my sis and I with my neighbor Suzanne went and saw My Sister's Keeper. Um, pack some tissues if you venture out to see that one! :) Hope you all had a safe and fun holiday!


chanel said...

way cute pictures! nice job on the jam too! i love keeping updated with you guys.