Thursday, December 4, 2008


So I decided to stay up late tonight and put our Christmas decorations up. I've been working so much lately that I haven't had any extra time and I just wanted them up. Now I don't. I just don't have any Christmas spirit right now... I changed my background, started to put together a Christmas playlist, blah blah but nope, nothing there. Oh and can I just say here that I HATE all my decorations. Let me just tell you that I have somehow started a "BELIEVE" theme. Not quite sure how but I have about 10, that's right 10 random things that say believe... even my actual tree decorations say it. What the heck? I think it could be ok if every square inch of my little house didn't say BELIEVE in huge letters. I picture someone coming in and being like, "Ok, we believe, geez just don't hurt us!!" Also, tonight at BUNKO cute Amanda did a whole Christmas thing and I just was not into. I am QUEEN of BUNKO. I freakin' love that game and I was just so grumpy... Hmmm. Maybe its this nice St. George weather thats freaking me out?? Who knows...
Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions on how to get into the Christmas spirit just let me know. But for now BAH HUMBUG.


Tiffany said...

I TOTALLY know what you are talking about!! Last year I was totally and completely feeling the exact same way - I undoubtedly blam it on St. George. I have no other explanation because last year when we would go up North .... oh there came rushing in the Christmas spirit! Believe me you are not alone on this one sister! That's why this year I told Beau we are doing everything down here that is Christmasy (uhm that's not a word:) so that I could get in the Christmas spirit - so you should come join us when we go! WOW long comment but I just had to tell you that I agree with you!! Can't wait to see you guys this weekend! Love ya!

kristinbriana00 said...

welll i can say i totally feel ya! with robbie being gone it just doesnt feel like christmas to me. ofcourse for the kids i put on this christmas spirit act, but i honestly wish it would just hurry up and pass! Hope it gets better for you though :)

chanel said...

some years are just like that. working so much that you don't have tome to decorate culd have a lot to do with it too! poor girl!

and yeah, i hear ya on the believe thing! i never really got it, but it is everywhere!

make some cookies with your kids and dance to Chrsitmas music with them- that'll make you happy.

And I need your address!