Tuesday, November 11, 2008

VERY Late Halloween Pictures...

So our Halloween was, lets just say, disastrous! Benson was sick and WOULD NOT put on his costume. Actually, he did put it on only because I literally forced it on. He cried for two blocks and wouldn't go up to any doors. I finally gave in and took it off. He was Peter Pan and he looked so cute in all the trial runs. Dang. I think I was most upset about it because this was the first costume I actually made and I wanted to show it off. :( Oh well. Hiley was Tinkerbell and looked soooo cute. I got her costume off ebay! Too cute. Anyway, halloween pretty much sucked this year. At least we didn't have to deal with any candy!


Brooke said...

OHhh that is soo sad! Easton had a year where he would not wear his costume- I understand the FRUSTRATION!! Your little girl is Adorable!

Chanel said...

ooooooh, poor benson! he does look way cute though and good job MAKING it!
Hiley is just a doll! SHe looks a LOT like Benson with her hair slicked down.

ive been waiting for these picts! sorry it was hard one.