Saturday, September 6, 2008

Family Photos...

Get a sneak peek of our family pictures done by Justin Bowen!!! Just click on his link on the left. I'll post the others as soon as I get them from him. I can't freakin' wait!! Isn't this one amazing? Oh and did I mention that I MADE that tutu Hiley is wearing! Isn't it so dang cute!! With that said I must give a shout out to my girl Tiffany who showed me how to make them!!! You're amazing, Tiff! Let's start our boutique! ;)


Adam & Alissa said...

yeah! I am so glad you found Bowen! He did our family pics. He is one of Adam's good friends from High School. He has such an adorable family! How did you find him? I am excited to see all the pics.

cottam_family said...

I love this picture! I am so so mad we missed him again! You have to help me learn how to do those tutu's. I want one for Kodi but can't seem to fork over the cash! We miss you guys tons. Can't wait to come down.

chanel said...

SOOOOOOO AMAZING!!! You have the
MOST gorgeous children!!!!! LOVE the family pict!!!

Nice job with the tutu!!!!

our names are narrowed down to

two of the three will make up his name. what do you think???

ALWAYS so great to hear from you!!!!


tanalicious said...

jo, your tutu is way cute! i made one for mia for her blessing dress.. fun huh. did you use the tie method? how did you get it so poofy? just lots of tulle? your pictures turned out so great. i love them.