Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weekend Get-a-Way

I just love weekend get-a-ways! Especially when they are spent with my main guy!

Ben and I had such a great "kid-less" weekend!
Thursday we were able to meet
my mom in Fillmore so she could take the kids up north for a few days!
A HUGE shout-out to her for all her help! Thank you mom and Auntie Lou!!
Anyway... Friday I spent pretty much ALL day shopping...
(well looking is more like it.)

It's so weird doing that without kids! Really weird.
Friday night though we went to Cafe Rio for dinner and then
to Colbie Caillat's concert and let me just say it was freakin' awesome!!

This is the third time I have seen her in concert and I seriously just love it!
There is just something about her music that I love!
So after the concert, we were walking
towards our car and noticed her tour buses...
long story, short we waited outside them for about half an hour until she came out!!

I got her autograph and a picture.
I know, I am SUCH a dork! It was so fun though!
Saturday after work ,we headed down to Vegas
where we met up with Ben's brother and SIL.
We had a delicious dinner at Maggiono's and then caught Avatar in 3D.
Thanks Spencer and Heidi for letting us spend the night! :)
Sunday we did some shopping, ate out some more and saw Valentine's Day.
Sunday night we stayed out at Green Valley Ranch.
Monday however, we had to head back to the real world!
I had to work and Ben picked up the kids!
I was actually so ready to get them back!
I really missed their little faces!
Well, until our next mini-vacation...
I love you Babe! Thanks so much for that much needed down time! :) xoxo

Here are a few pictures so you know that I'm not making anything up!! ;)

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What? Ha Ha thats sounds so fun!! I need one of those getaways myself. Puking kids today, not fun!! I can't believe you got a pic, thats awesome you groupy... We should do something soon.