Sunday, November 22, 2009

A whole new level of hardcore...

There's this movie that just came out. I don't know if you've heard of it. It's called New Moon? Hhhmm. I don't think it's very popular. Oh well, I decided to go ALL OUT for it anyway!!! Talk about being crazy. My husband thinks I am. I'm ok with that! So first, before I say anything else, I need to give my sweet, talented friend Brooke a huge SHOUT OUT! This girl is A-MA-ZING! She helped me with about 75% of this "project" and didn't get any of the credit so with that said... THANK YOU Brooke! You're the bomb!!!

Ok, so back to New Moon.... I hosted bunko this month and thought it would only be appropriate to have a party centered around the movie premier. We had a blast. (Well, I did at least!) I did a La Push type setting with "real" drift wood that Brooke and I went and loaded by ourselves from the river. We had a fog machine and a sa-weet moon with a wolf in the back ground. I hung up blue vinyl to give it an ocean-y feel and then to top it off , the New Moon soundtrack was playing in the background. Home-made pizza was served with a tossed salad and Bri made some awesome wolf cupcakes! I also made "puppy-chow" since Jacob is sometimes considered a "dog"! The top two winners won Twilight themed necklaces from Nordstrom's and the third place was the New Moon board game. Everyone left with the new Twilight scented lotion from Bath and Body that was decorated with a Moon. We also had Jacob covered water bottles and IBC root beer!

After we played our bunko game, we headed over to the theater to catch the midnight showing. We were there for about 2 1/2 hours before it started but had a great time talking and laughing before hand!
All in all, it was a great night! I'm just so glad it's over! ;) Thanks again to everyone who helped... especially Suz, Brooke and Ben! You guys rock!! Oh and hello. My sister Lou came all the way down from Salt Lake to see the movie with me and the bunko gals! Thanks Lauren!! It was so fun having you here!

P.S. I seriously loved the movie. I have always, for the most part been Team Jacob but now I know I made the right choice! ;) But seriously, I cannot wait to see it again!

It was dang good! Fantastic! Um, Edward who?

Now, just how many more days until Eclipse exactly???

To see some more pictures of this awesome night, click here!


Brooke @ said...

I was CRACKING up when I read this post. Your bunko was freakin' sweet. The best I've ever seen! Good job my friend. Happy BIRTHDAY again. :)

chanel said...

Ummmm, you are so right about HARDCORE! HOLY COW! You are super good at doing a theme!! Glad you had fun!!!!