Wednesday, June 3, 2009

{FAR OUT} 80's PaRtY!!

We had such a blast at this {TOTALLY AWESOME} 80's Party!!

Our good friend Brooke threw it for her husband's 30th Birthday!

We played some [RAD] games and had some [SWEET] food!
Seriously though, the best part was trying to find our outfits!

The D.I. truly has some gems!!!

Ben went as {Miami Vice}!!
I think I was a mix of Madonna circa [Like a Virgin] and whatever else she had going on at that time!
Ben and I actually won {best dressed couple}
and I won {Best over-all outfit}!!!
Anyway, we had a great time! Thanks you guys for such a fun party!! :)


Heather and Trevor said...

This was a way fun party! I loved the whole night! You and Ben were the best dressed couple there! :) I loved seeing everyone's getups! P.S. I LOVE your watches! You are so crafty and talented! AmAzinG! Have fun in S.L. and I will talk to you next week! :)

chanel said...

holy heck YOU GUYS LOOK AMAZING!!!! Ben looks exactly like the jerk boyfriend in The Wedding Singer- incredible! LOVE the kiddos too- absolutely cracking me up!!!!
You are soooo much fun, it is inspiring. JUST LOVE YOU TO PIECES!

The House that James Built said...

looks like SO much fun...i LOVE the pics of hiley, she is beautiful! haven't gotten around to the tutu yet, but i will. would love to meet your kiddies sometime when you are in town and have me or give me a call xoxo 6748023 in case you don't have it from like...ten years ago! :)

Tiffany said...

OKAY!!!! I am just DYING to have a party like that!! So freakin AWESOME!!! You guys looked so RAD!

Tiffany said...
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