Thursday, April 23, 2009

In loving memory of Barbara Sessions

Ben's {sweet} Grandma Barb passed away on Monday, April 20th. She was a feisty lady with a heart of gold. She was the kind of grandma who never forgot your birthday and always had a treat for you on special occasions!!
Grandma Barb loved her great-grandkids! She would talk to you for hours about them! The last memory I'll have of her is seeing her eyes {light up} as we walked into her hospital room with Benson and Hiley. She was so excited to see the two of them.
She had a lot of struggles but you would have never known due to the simple fact that she {never} complained about them, which is something I could stand to learn.
Barb lived a {good life} and was 79 when she passed away.
We love and miss you Grandma Barb!