Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fourth of July Fun!

We didn't do a whole lot for the 4th. Ben had to work that morning so I ventured out with the kids and my good friend Billy Jo to the Cedar City parade. I'm not sure what was more entertaining, the parade itself or the very interesting crowd that it seems to draw out! :) That afternoon, we took the kids to see Wall-E and then had a BBQ with the neighbors. Later, we went to the fireworks and got milkshakes from the local Artic Circle. Nothing too exciting but fun nonetheless. :) Hope you all had a good fourth.Hiley and dad watching the fireworks together. Check out her pointing at them. :) Best Buddies: Kodi, Benson and Dagen getting ready to watch the fireworks.
Hiley at the Cedar City Parade.

Hiley and Cohen just hanging out before the fireworks.