Friday, January 25, 2008

Oh man, it has been far too long since I last posted. Here are a few pictures from Christmas, Benson and Hiley in their little "church" outfits. The other picture is one of the whole family. Ben, Me and Hiley, My Mom and Dad and then on the bottom is Lindsey, Lauren and Benson and then "little" Carter Boy.


Natalie said...

Cute pics! You have a cute little girl for sure!

Kim Corser said...

I love your new background. You look so good! I had to look close to tell the difference between you and Lauren. Your kids are so cute! You should have posted the picture that Ben "loved" from kiddie kandids!

chanel said...

GORGEOUS! I get so excited when you have a new post!!!!
Little Hiley in her dress and sweet big brother giving love! Cutest things ever!!!

Hey have you seen Tiffany's blog? We have become friends through our blogs, it was so weird connecting with her!!! SHe has a post with your dad on her baptism day- sooo fun! Check her out, I have a link on my blog!